Say So Long to Unsightly Stumps

Schedule stump grinding services in Estero & Fort Myers, FL

When you need to get rid of stubborn stumps on your property in the Estero & Fort Myers, FL area, choose a tree company that will do a thorough job. Using specialized equipment, the GR's Stump Removal, LLC team will inspect your property, fully extract the stumps and replant and mulch your yard where needed.

Before beginning the stump grinding process, we'll also cover your windows and siding to prevent high-speed mulch from damaging those surfaces.

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What happens if you ignore your tree stumps?

What happens if you ignore your tree stumps?

You'll want to hire a tree company for thorough stump grinding services because tree stumps can:

  • Clog your plumbing lines with leftover roots
  • Get in the way of mowing and landscaping
  • Become a breeding ground for pests
  • Give your property a disheveled look
  • Pose a dangerous tripping hazard

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